DIY Infinity Roses

Have you seen these beautiful infinity or everlasting roses? If you are not familiar they are real roses treated to last for a full year, mind blown! When I first saw them I wanted to get myself a box but then i noticed the price tag and realised they wouldn’t exactly be snap decision purchase as they are a little pricey.

Now this is not a question of are they worth it? It’s more a question of what can I DIY that I can actually afford! I got my thinking cap on to see how I could live the boujee life on a basic budget and I’m going to let you all in on the secret! This is how to make your own DIY infinity roses on a budget.

I tried a couple methods of achieving this DIY and found that the silica linked below works great to dry out the roses and have them keep their colour. Once they are dried you can hot glue toothpicks or sticks to the base and use that to insert your dried rose into some floral foam inside of a hat box. If you really want to keep this budget friendly you can use some old packaging like I did.

Check out the process video below for the full step by step

I’m so pleased with how these turned out and I’m sure i’ll be making more in the future. The silica gel is the most expensive part of this project but it is reusable over and over.

Supplies needed:

Silica Gel –
Amazon Hat Box –
Cricut Joy –

Flowers, Tupperware and gloves – Local supermarket

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