Have you ever used a knitting loom?

It’s time for another DI-try, which means I’ll be trying a DIY i’ve never done before. I picked up this knitting loom at a craft fair and I’ve never got around to using it so with all this cold weather now is the perfect time to knit a scarf, a blanket or if you’re feeling really ambitious why not attempt a knitted ear warmer with a twisted knot design.

I have to say I found the loom pretty easy to use once I got started. It comes with instructions on the back for a basic pattern design. If you have never seen a knitting loom this is what they look like. You can get them different sizes as well as circular looms.

I used some chunky yarn I had in my stash to get to grips with the loom before attempting to make a knitted ear warmer. I’m pretty impressed with how it turned out. I’d say knitting looms are a great way to get into the craft of knitting and would be wonderful for children as they don’t have to work using both hands at the same time as you do with two knitting needles.

The idea is to wrap the pegs with the yarn and then using the small hook provided you knit together the loops formed on the pegs and create your knitted material.

The pegs of the loom hold the yarn in place meaning you are less likely to drop a stitch and once you have mastered the basics there are lots of different stitches and patterns you can follow.

You can see how I got on trying a knitting loom for the first time by watching the video below

If you are interested in purchasing your own loom I have links below as well as links to my other social medias if you would like to see more from me.

Thanks for joining me today – stay safe my crafty friends.

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Straight Knitting Loom Blue – https://amzn.to/39p7dTR

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