New Year – Let’s get planning

Hello Crafty Friends, a big happy to year to you all! I don’t know about you but a new year for me means new plans and that means a new planner and a vision board!
If you have never made a vision board I’m about to change your mind, they are fun to make and can help keep you on track to achieving your goals!


First things first i’ve got my new planner all set up – I am using my Kikki-K planner with updated printable pages. Some I designed myself in Excel and some I printed after buying the design from an Etsy seller –  Plan Big I find this is a great way to customise your planner to fit your needs exactly.

I also have this Adorable zipper pouch DIY that you are going to want to check out on Instagram, just search for me @craftynotshifty or click here. It’s a swipe tutorial so you just swipe through the images and follow along, it’s so simple AND no sewing needed!

Trust me you are going to want one of these in your planner or school binder. 2019-12-18-04.16.15-4.jpg

So now you have your planners all sorted let’s tackle creating a vision board. I show my set up process and share many tips in todays video.

If you are scratching your head wondering what a vision board is don’t worry, it’s essentially a visual representation of your goals. The idea is that you place it somewhere you will see it every day and be reminded what it is you are working towards so you can inspire yourself to take action and stay accountable. That is my aim for this year, I’ve share some of my big dreams for 2020 and I’d love to hear about yours. img_20191230_175646.jpg

To make your vision board you can use printed images and quotes or you can collect images from magazines. I used a combination of printed images, project life cards and stickers. Just make sure that the images represent your goals and that you feel inspired by anything you include.


For the background I used two pieces of A4 foam board, you could use card but I wanted my board to be a little more durable. A magnetic note board or cork pin board would also work well. If you do decide to use paper or card i’d suggest framing the image to help it survive the year in one piece.

So now you have your supplies ready you can start to make your board – check out the video below to see how mine came together.

Finally I want to wish you all a wonderful 2020! Let’s get motivated and start tackling those goals. Remember YOU GOT THIS!black-and-white-laptop-2740956.jpg

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