DIY Christmas Lantern

Hey crafty friends! Don’t you just love Christmas lanterns, they make your home all cosy and add some festive cheer.


Well I’ll tell you what I don’t like about them – the price! So with a bit of help from my StyleTechCraft vinyl and some glue I was able to transform some super inexpensive photo frames into a cute Christmas lantern.


I picked up these frames from Poundland, you will need two packs (four frames) You can substitute for whichever frames you can find and they can be smaller or larger.


The first step will be to remove the back of the frame and remove the clips used to hold it in place. This is easily achieved by gently pulling the tabs using pliers.

You are now ready to design your frame. I wanted to use the transparent glitter so the light would shin through my lantern and I decided on purple, grey and light blue for my backdrop, moon, sleigh and snowflakes.

I designed my cut file  and trimmed the vinyl to fit the designs so I could cut everything in one pass of my machine.

Once everything is cut out it’s time to do the weeding! Don’t worry you don’t have to rush out to the garden you just need to peel away any of the vinyl you don’t need from the backing sheet. With glittered vinyl it can be tricky to see where the  cutlines are so you might find working on a light board useful.


Now it’s time  to start building your scenes. You can do the same scene on all four sides of the lantern if you like but I decided to change up the silhouette at the bottom and keep the moon, sleigh and stars the same. I found working with the photo frame insert underneath the glass helped me to position everything as it should be.

Now the glass is decorated it’s time to glue the glass inside the frames and to glue together the frames to make the lantern. You can use hot glue or super glue to complete this step.

20191211232055_IMG_0690  20191211232153_IMG_0691

Once your glue is dry all that is left to do is to add a candle. I have used an electric candle as I don’t want a real one so close to my glue. I think these would look great with song lyrics or personalised with names.

So fun and festive and easy to make – be sure to check out StyleTechCraft to see all of the amazing vinyl they have to offer.


This is a sponsored post.  As a member of the StyleTechCraft Blogger Program I have been provided product and compensation in exchange for my creative ideas, view and opinionsStyleTechCraft-logo



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