Wireless Handheld Printing?!

Did you ever see something and think no that can’t be possible or that can’t be so easy to use? That was my reaction to the e-mark! This handy little printer fits in the palm of your hand and yet lets you print anywhere with the swipe of your hand.

The e-mark could replace many different business stamps for marking documents and packages but I’m more interested in it’s application to the crafts world.

How many times have you wanted  sentiment on a card or scrapbook layout – well the e-mark can make it happen in full colour. The e-mark connects wirelessly to an app that is so simple to use to design your marks. To see how simple it is to use check out my unboxing here –

I’ll have a follow up video testing various different applications of the e-mark soon, if you have any ideas you want me to test or answers you would like from the video let me know in the comments.

If you don’t want to wait for any of that and you just want to get your hands on this magically little device be sure to head over to http://emark.colop.com/. 


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