Pinterest Pumpkin Hacks TESTED

Have you ever been searching Pinterest and thought, ‘I could do that’ Well sometimes you are right and sometimes you will be so very wrong. That is why today I want to test 5 pumpkin decorating hacks from Pinterest to see how I do.

I’m not doing direct copies but each pumpkin has been inspired by a Pinterest post. I have the original pins here along with some others I didn’t try but would love to.

To see each of these pins tested check out my video by clicking here or on the thumbnail below. Keep scrolling to see how each pumpkin turned out.

  1. Punk-kin – Black paint with silver studs and paint. This is giving me throwback EMO vibes and I LOVE it! I have the studs and other supplies linked below, most are on my Amazon storefront.

2. Crayon melted pumpkin – I’ve seen these crayon melting art projects all over the place and I had a feeling they would be much harder than they looked. To my surprise this was so fun and I got a pretty good result for my first try. Crayon Pumpkin

3. Metallic spray paint – I love this rose gold spray paint but I did find that it ate away at the polystyrene pumpkin I used. This might work better on a real pumpkin but hey the texture looks great even if it doesn’t have a super shiny metallic effect.

Metallic Pumpkin

4. Glittered top – For this one I painted the pumpkin and then added glitter to the top only. This is probably my least favourite but I think if I had brought the glitter down the sides a little more it would be perfect.

Glitter Pumpkin

5. Sweater Pumpkin – I’ve seen this last hack all over Pinterest and YouTube and had to give it a go. I was so impressed with how it turned out. We had just donated a bunch of sweaters and jumpers and it’s probably for the best or my house might be covered in these pumpkins!

Sweater pumpkin

Let me know which one is your favourite and if you give them a try i’d love to see how yours turn out. You can tag me @craftynotshifty on Instagram or Twitter.

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