I’ve been AWOL . . . again!

Hello crafty friends, I find myself once again apologising for being a little absent on my blog. I often use this space to add a short description of my videos and a direct link to go watch them and really who is that for? Is it actually useful to anyone? I guess with the YouTube algorithms changing and evolving it might be useful to have these links direct into your mail box twice a week incase my video is lost in your feed.


I’m going to make more of an effort to bring content that adds value to this blogging space as while I may prefer to have content thrown at me in video format I know some people much prefer to read at their own pace and pick up where they left off at and when they please.

So what have I been doing while I’ve not been writing blog posts. I’ve been keeping up with my YouTube videos for sure and you can always catch up over on my channel .

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 12.27.59

I’ve also been planning for my classes in Minneapolis next month for the annual JunkieFest meet up. If you are unable to attend but want to keep in on the action ill be updating my instagram stories @craftynotshifty while I’m there.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading, well  listening to audio books and I’ll have a post for you about that soon in fact it’s half drafted which is something I achieved on the way to a family event in Ireland. So I’ll leave this post here with a promise to make more of an effort. I’d love to hear from you mysterious readers who are you and what do you like reading? I’ll see you all again next time – Bye


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