Creativation 2019

Hello Crafty friends, if you are anything like me your emails and social media have probably been full of ‘Creativation’ posts. With the show opening in just over a week I wanted to share with you all some background regarding AFCI and Creativation plus my top tips to get the most out of the event. If you are not attending this year, don’t worry I’ve got you covered! I’ll be sharing as much as possible from the event so be sure to follow me across my social media platforms. I’ll have links at the end of this post.


So before we get into the video I have some details i’d like to share with you.

 What is Creativation?

I have taken the following image from the Creativation website.

Screen Shot 2019-01-11 at 14.09.17.png

For me as a digital content creator it is a great opportunity to learn and connect.

How do I attend? 

This is a trade show so you will need to be a member of AFCI if you are an Etsy seller, a blogger or digital content creator like me so do need to meet a certain criteria and all of that information is available on AFCI’s website.

What happens at the show? 

From Thursday the education programme starts up, you can take classes, workshops or seminars during this time and then on Sat-Mon the show floor is open. Once the show floor is open attendees can visit all of their favourite brands and discover many new ones, participate in make and takes, watch product demonstrations and if you are a trade buyer you can place orders. For the full information check out the Show preview Guide.

Okay let’s get into the video – here are my top tips for Surviving and getting the most out of Creativation.

A few things I forgot to mention in the video:

1 – It gets cold of an evening and the convention centre AC can be a little extreme so bring some light layers for the day and snuggly ones for the evening.

2 – A popular question i’ve seen online is about they type of bag to take to the show. I personally find a small backpack just fine. If you are a buyer and will be picking up lots of catalogues you may find a small rolling case is better suited to your needs.

So if you are attending the event I’d love to see you, I’ve attached my booth schedule below so come say hello to me at the Heffy Doodle booth.

Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 13.28.06.png

If you are not attending no worries, I’ll be sharing as much as I can across my social medias be sure to follow and join my Facebook group to catch all of the information.

I have a highlight reel video posted in my facebook group from 2018’s show – if you can’t wait another week and need something to keep you going check that out!

Thank you for spending some time with me today and I hope yo see you at the show or in one my live broadcasts from the event. Until next time – bye for now.

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