Christmas Series Day 1 – No Sew Sock Penguin

Hi Everyone, it’s Laura here and I am so excited to share day one of my 2016 Christmas series. Between now and Christmas I’ll be sharing 12 videos and blog posts featuring christmas cards and crafts.

I’ll be sharing my videos on a Tuesday and Sunday so be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and if you are needing more inspiration you can always check out my 2015 series.

So for day one I’ll be sharing a no-sew sock penguin. Last year I made some super cute snowmen and I just new they had to have a buddy this year. The process for making the snowmen and penguins are pretty similar, you can find videos of each of them over at YouTube.



First you want to fill a black sock with toy stuffing and then using a clear elastic tie off the top of your penguin and using another clear elastic separate the top third of the stuffed sock as the head.

Using white felt cut out and glue down a face and body.

Take a striped sock and place the opening over the penguins head to create a hat. You will use another clear elastic to close off the top of the hat. Trim the excess of the sock.

Trim the remaining sock into two pieces, one to wrap around the penguins neck and one to use as the scarf tails.

Finally add some google eyes and yellow felt as a beak.

If you would rather watch this tutorial you can click here or on the image below.

All of the supplies used are linked below

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    • That’s awesome! There is nothing quite like family craft time, I still remember making thinks with my grandma. I’m lucky enough to say we still make things together. I’m actually going to have her help me learn how to do basic clothes sewing

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