The Daily Marker 30 day – Prep & Video

Hello Crafty people! I don’t know if you have heard yet but the wonderful Kathy from The Daily Marker has only gone and organised another 30 day colouring challenge for us!

These challenges are great because you can use whatever supplies you have at home the only goal is to try to find some time each and every day to colour for just a few minutes, or longer if you have the time, and you can share along with everyone else using #thedailymarker30day.


Personally I find colouring really relaxing and setting myself a challenge like this really helps me commit to finding the time to chill out after a long day. For the full information about the challenge you can read Kathy’s blog post here. 

This is my second time joining in with one of these challenges and this time I decided to take some inspiration from Kathy and get myself organised in advance! I’ve created my own little portable colouring station with everything I need to join in.


I can’t tell you how happy just looking at this little basket of fun makes me!

I’m a nightmare for buying stamp sets and never getting round to using them so I started by pulling out all of my new or unused stamp sets. I cut down a bunch of neenah solar white and watercolour card and stamped out ALL of the images.

I then organised all of my colouring supplies into a beautiful wicker hamper using paper cups to keep everything in place. I now have everything I need to participate each day, so no excuses right!

I’ll be sharing my colouring on Instagram and on my Facebook page – you can find both my searching ‘Crafty not Shifty’

I do hope you will join in – These challenges are a great way to find other crafty people via Instagram and get inspired. So to see how I put together my colouring station just click on the thumbnail below or here.

I can’t wait to see what you all bring to the challenge! For me, I am new to Copic markers so I am looking forward to testing them out. Let me know what you are looking forward to trying in the comments section below.

A list of the products in my colouring station kit are listed below, all items listed twice are to give an and version. Some links are affiliate links and I will receive a small commission to help fund the running costs of this site =]

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