Day 6 – DIY Christmas Decorations

Welcome back to the 12 days of christmas series. For todays video I’ve got a little helper, my boyfriends niece Emily is visiting us from Ireland and helping me make some paper Christmas tree decorations.


DIY decorations are a great part of Christmas traditions and bring back memories each year when they are brought out. For the paper decorations we made we used some pattern paper from Hobby Craft but you could also use christmas wrapping paper or plain white card or printer paper your little helpers have decorated with drawing or stamps.

All you need to do is cut your paper up into strips or for the circle decoration small circles or any symetrical shapes really. Emily also used hearts but you could free hand draw some fun shapes to use.

To see how we put together these 6 types of paper decorations plus a bonus felt Christmas stocking just click the video thumbnail below or click here to visit YouTube.


Thank you for joining me on day six, I hope to see you back here for day seven on Sunday where I will be featuring stamps from So Suzy Stamps and also featuring on their blog as a guest designer. In the meantime you can see more from me on:

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