Day One – No Sew Sock Snowman Gifts

Welcome to Day One of my 12 days of Christmas series I’m so excited to share these Christmas themed projects with you. Be sure to subscribe to the YouTube playlist so you can see all of the cards, gifts and handmade decorations.


So now for the no sew sock snowman, this project is really quick and easy all you need is a white sock for the body, a coloured sock for the hat and scarf, some string or clear elastics, stuffing and some buttons or tiny pom
poms for decoration.

I think these snowmen make great inexpensive gifts or decorations. You could even make a tiny version as a Christmas tree decoration.

To watch how I put the snowman together just click here or on the video link below.

Thank you for joining me on day two, I hope to see you back here for day three on Sunday. In the meantime you can see more from me on:



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