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Hello everyone,

Thank you for joining me today. I have a slightly different post to share with you this week. Normally on a Tuesday I share a card making video but this week I wanted to share a summary of my recently made cards that have tutorial videos on my YouTube channel along with some that don’t and I wanted to tell you how you can receive one of these cards and also my giveaway that ends tomorrow!

Now I don’t always record videos for the cards I make and even when I do they don’t always end up on YouTube so today I’m sharing a sneak peak into my handmade cards supply and offering you the chance to receive one, all you need to do is leave a comment below or on my youtube , Instagram or Facebook telling me why you like handmade items. I’ll be picking ten people to send cards to.

You can also enter my candle giveaway on Instagram and Facebook to win the supplies needed to DIY decorate a candle.

So I’m seriously trying to organise my craft room and to cut down on my clutter and when I make a card I often make a couple at once as I find it doesn’t take too much longer once you have your dimensions and design figured out. I don’t always get round to sending out all of my cards and I’d like to give some of them to you guys, my online crafty friends.

I hope you enjoy this quick sneak peak video and I will be back with my normal Tuesday card making video next week. #OnTuesdaysWeMakeCards =]

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  1. The email you gave me n periscope didn’t work or I got it wrong. Please contact me. Thank you. My email is below. Also my Blog is foxy stamping . You can contact me that way too.

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