Spinner Card ft Airborn Academy and Morgan Tsang

Welcome back crafters. Today I have a bit of a silly project that I decided to share with you featuring an amazing free runner from Airborn Academy – Morgan Tsang.

Morg is an amazingly talented free runner and his sister Maylin Tsang is an incredibly talented cheerleader who I get to train with on the Airborn Nitros cheerleading team. After watching a few of my YouTube videos Morgan asked me if I could make him a card, now he wanted it to show a squirrel fighting a pigeon and I was like, what??? I’m not sure but I will make you something!

So I decided to make a spinner card featuring Morgan himself at the Airborn Academy. At the Academy we have some amazing facilities such as a full sized sprung cheerleading competition floor, tumble tracks, silks, modublox and a large foam pitt area with two olympic sized trampolines and a fast track leading into it.


I took a picture of Morgan doing a side flip from his profile page and a photo of the academy from google and combined them into this spinner card.

This was my first attempt at making anything like this and I made a lot of mistakes along the way but I am happy with the finished product. To see how the card was made click the video below or click here.

If you want to see more of Morgans flips and tricks along with other highlights from the Airborn Academy you can visit the Airborn Academy channel here.  www.airbornacademy.com 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, if you want to see more from me you can find me on Twitter, Periscope and Facebook by searching Crafty not Shifty


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