Quick tips to grow your blog and YouTube audience for free

Are you looking to grow the audience of your craft blog or YouTube channel?


Well here are two quick and easy ways to grow your audience for free.

The first tip is guest blogging / blog post swaps .

So how does it work? You find a blogger with a similar style blog so if you are into fashion blogging find a fashion blogger and if you are interested in card making and crafts find a crafts blog, simple! The next step is to contact the blog owner and offer to do a blog post swap or to provide a guest blog post. I find that people within the craft blogging community are really friendly and supportive so I am sure you will find someone who is willing and has the time.

If you want to be featured on crafty not shifty email me – craftynotshify@outlook.com 

Remember that some bloggers may not be able to accommodate a guest post and that is okay just keep trying and don’t be discouraged.

When you provide a guest blog post the host blog will upload your post and promote it to their followers while providing a link to your blog. This gets your work seen by a whole new group of followers who may then decided to visit your blog and subscribe. You can also tweet and promote your post on the hosts site driving more traffic to their blog.

If you are doing a blog swap you can then upload the hosts blog post to your blog and provide a link back to them allowing them to benefit from sharing their work with your followers.Win Win!

The second tip is YouTube Collaborations

This works in a very similar way to the blog swap only this time you will be sharing a video with a fellow YouTube channel. There are various ways to do a youtube collaboration, you can both try out the same technique, use the same supplies or the same card sketch to create a card and then email over your video to be uploaded to the other persons channel.

This will ensure your video is seen by a whole new audience and gives you a great opportunity to not only grow your youtube subscribers but also to make some crafty friends.

If you are interested in doing a guest blog swap or YouTube collaboration with Crafty not Shifty please email me – craftynotshifty@outlook.com

You could also leave a comment below so other blogs and channels can find you =] 

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