Scotch Advanced Tape Glider, ATG

I just love my pink Scotch ATG gun. If you don’t know what the advanced tape glider, or ATG is let me enlighten you.

The ATG is a double sided tape dispenser for card making and paper crafts. I’m sure if you are an avid crafter, and you would surely have to be to be reading this, you will already be using some form of double sided tape. Small ‘mouse’ like tape runners are readily available for as little as £2.00 but more often than not the adhesive isn’t very strong and they only tend to hold about 5m of tape.

If you are looking for something a little more reliable I would highly recommend the Scotch ATG. It holds 32.9M or 36 yards of strong double sided tape.

If you are wanting to buy an ATG here in the UK I got mine from Amazon’s, USA Supermarket. Delivery is free but takes some time. I make sure I order tape refills when I insert my last refill and since the refills last so long my new 2 pack always arrives before I run out.

You can buy the ATG plus 2 refills for under £30.00* including free delivery here on Amazon. 

Refills are under £7.00* with free delivery also from amazon.

*prices correct at time of publishing.

The delivery does take some time but I just make sure I order a pack when I insert my last refill and since the refills last so long my new pack of 2 always arrives before I run out.

If you want to see how to set up your ATG for the first time or just need a reminder before you refill it you can watch my video below or on YouTube here. 

I made a couple of mistakes in the video but chose not to edit them out so you can learn from my mistakes. I’ve refilled my ATG several times but still managed to confuse myself!

Hopefully this helps you set up and use your ATG. I always love hearing from you guys so please do comment below and I’ll be back soon with more craftiness!

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  1. This was very helpful but I’m having problems with my tape sticking to the paper and not gliding smoothly. Also I put in a new roll and it still seems to be bunching up. I checked the tog wheel and it seems to be tight enough. I am not liking my ATG right now.

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