Inside my Kikki-k – Planner Set Up

So as you know if you read my posts regularly I have bought a Kikki-K planner! I have been so excited to get it set up to share with you all.

I bought some Etsy downloads for my weekly and monthly pages, made some custom inserts and a dashboard.

I decided the best way to show you how I use my planner would be a video so here it is!

 Click to open in a new window. 



Here I have a yearly print out to add birthdays, holidays and mark days off work.
I also have a 12 month print out of months across two pages. I use this to mark big events or appointments I need to remember for the month.


In this secretion I go into more detail for things to do each day, I also track how much water I’m drinking each day with some cute little stickers I designed and printed onto sticker paper.


For me it’s a good idea to keep track of how much money I am spending and also what on.

I keep lists of pending orders so I know what to look out for in the mail and also so I know what order I need to fulfil from Crafty not Shifty. I have a wish list section to note down things i like in shops or more broad ideas such as I currently need a new handbag but I’m not sure which one. I have a shopping tracker so I can see what I have bought and how much money I have spent on different types of treats.


In this section I track my followers on Youtube, Pinterest, Facebook & Instagram. I also have list pages for blog posts, video ideas and a general notes section.


Here I keep all the information I need relating to my cheerleading. This is my other big hobby and it takes up a lot of time. I make notes of stunts I’d like to try with my group stunt, music ideas and notes about changes and updates to our routines. I’m currently competing on three teams plus a group stunt so by the time each weekly training session rolls around it can be hard to remember the changes from the previous week. Having it all noted down really helps. I can also add dates to remember such as competitions, when fee’s are due and cheer camps.


This is where I track everything else, I currently have a weight tracker and a list of monthly goals plus a weekly plan of things to do each day to help achieve these goals.


My supplies section includes stickers, post it’s and page flags to help me decorating my planner on the go.

Well thats it – I hope you enjoyed the tour of my planner.


  1. Very lovely setup! Great idea to store some Washi tape! 🙂 So many lovely colors in your planner ❤ It looks great! Thanks for sharing! Happy planning. 😉

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