New found planner love & an update from me

Hello fellow crafters!

You may have noticed that I haven’t been around much recently, I’ve been away pretty much since I broke my scaphoid in December 2014. Wow, 2014, that feels like a lifetime ago!

So what has been going on with me since then? Well I recovered from my injury and managed to share some wonderful guest blog posts with you all while I was healing. I’ve then had a bit of busy time with it in my family life, unfortunately we have had a few funerals and my mum was recently very ill in hospital.
On the flip side my cousin gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, she gave us all a bit of a scare by stopping growing causing my cousin to be induced 3 weeks early but I’m happy to report all is well. I’ve also been busy with cheerleading, my team has been to ICC Nationals where our co-ed L4 won a bid to the European Summit and this weekend we are away for the BCA Nationals, it’s our last chance to win bids for the other teams.
With all this hectic-ness going on and having to juggle work, cheerleading, family life, my blog and still find time to occasionally be a grown up and clean the house / pay bills etc I figured hey this is the perfect time to buy a planner!

I’ve always loved stationary, diaries and to do lists so buying a planner feels like a great way to (enable my addiction?) combine all of this and take some control of my life! Well, at least feel like I have control, or is it more like documenting the chaos?
If you follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter you will have seen some sneak peaks of the planner I have ordered and the planner supplies I already have. If you are not following me go find me now, search CraftynotShifty on any of these social medias for more sneak peaks and updates from me.

I’ve never had a planner or filofax before so I will be sure to write a post about how I picked which planner to buy and how I intend to set it up. Once I’m all set up I will hare some pictures and videos with you guys.

Hopefully once I have that done I will magically find some time in my diary to get some serious crafting done to share with you all!

Until then, Happy Easter my lovelies! IMG_5356.JPG

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