Just a little note…. (Storage and Organisation series preview)

Hi everyone it’s Laura back posting for Crafty not Shifty I hope you have been enjoying the guest blog posts as much as I have.

I have been really fortunate to have some great posts sent to me to keep you all entertained while my wrist/arm is in a cast. If you haven’t read them yet have a scroll down after this post and take a look.
In terms of my arm I’m now on to my third cast, the first was a nasty and heavy plaster of paris cast stuck on at A&E after I broke my scaphoid bone during training for my other hobby, cheerleading. IMG_4890.JPG
Two weeks later I had that removed and had additional x-rays to check on the bones healing. At this point they fitted me with a lightweight red cast and said I will need an MRI.

My MRI scan was done on Monday, they removed the red cast and I’ve now got a new black one (sticking with my cheer teams colours!) I get my MRI results, and hopefully this cast off for good in two weeks time! *Fingers Crossed*IMG_4887.JPG
So enough about casts, the real issue here, apart from not being able to compete with my cheer team on Saturday, is that since before Christmas I’ve not really been able to craft!! I got so many wonderful new crafty bits for Christmas that have been teasing me with their possibilities and I have tried a few things with them but it’s not the same without full use of my right arm / hand.

So to keep myself busy I’ve been organising my craft room, if you read my posts regularly you may remember that this was on my list of things to do in November, so I’m just slightly behind. Better late than never and trust me my partner who uses the craft room as an office would have bet good money on ‘never’ so he is very pleased at the moment, although he is sceptical as to how long it will last!

I forgot to take a “before” picture but here is an oldie of how my desk looked one day, don’t judge me too harshly….
Since I can’t really share any makes with you at the moment I am planning to write some posts about storage and organisation so if one of your New Years Resolutions was to get your craft space organised hopefully my new series of organisation posts will help.

Join me next week for my craft room storage and organisation posts and get organised with me.

If you can’t wait until then you can check out my post on storing Spectrum Noir pens using ‘The ultimate pen storage’ system here.


If you have a great storage tip you would like to share just comment below or email me – Craftynotshifty@outlook.com

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Thanks for reading.

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    • Thank you Tamara Kate, I’m completely free of my cast now but I’ve still been struggling to find time to craft and blog. I should be posting more storage and organisation posts soon.

  1. The colour of your cast was very nice.Has your arm tottaly healed?I was in a cast too.I broke my wrist and thumb playing soccer.I had my third cast removed 2 months ago.Best wishes and tae care.

    • Thank you, I’m still having some difficulty getting a full range of movement in my wrist but the physio is confident it will come back.
      Good luck with your recovery and thank you for your comment xx

      • My break was called scaphoid fracture.First I was in a heavy plaster and I had a sling to hold it.Then my other 2 casts were thumb spica casts.I had to change 3 casts like you.The break of my wrist and thumb were very bad and painful.Was yours painful too?Was this the first time you broke your wrist?Best wishes and take care.

      • Mine was also a scaphoid fracture. It was fairly painful when it happened but it got much worse later on. It was my first (and hopefully last) wrist fracture. XxX

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