Card with insert pockets – Guest Blog #2 by Jane from Onions and Paper


This card is ideal for those occasions when you want to send something a little more than just a card, but not a full-blown gift.  The card has two pockets inside it, to hold some matching stamped postcards. You could replace the postcards with packets of seeds for a gardener or small cards of embellishments for a crafter.

It was made for a friend who loves entering competitions, so the postcards were perfect for her. To make the card really personal, I made a list of words to do with her and her hobby, saved them as a Word document and then created a word cloud using the website Tagxedo which I then saved, resized and printed out to make a topper.


Then I selected some pretty papers to co-ordinate with the topper, and covered my A5 (A4 folded in half) sized card inside and out, layering them with toning plain card. Before sticking down the front panel, I wrapped matching ribbon around it, finishing with a knot below where the topper would be placed.


Next I made the pockets, by cutting patterned paper to just less than half the height of the panels on the two inside pages, and exactly the same width when mounted on matching card. To attach the pockets to the card, I used very narrow double sided tape around the side and bottom edges. As the pockets will get some wear and tear, you need to use the red ultra strong tape to hold them securely in place.


The postcards themselves are pieces of card cut to standard postcard size and covered with the left over papers from making the card. You need to make sure the paper is firmly stuck in place, so that it doesn’t get caught in the Post Office sorting machinery, so use a wet glue spreading it thinly all over the card and making sure it comes right to the edges and corners. Any embellishments you add need to be flat and secure – I just brightened them up with some butterfly peel-offs.


On the “business side” of the postcard, I used two different postcard-back stamps. Remember that if the cards are to be posted, they may be delivered on a rainy day, so make sure you use a waterproof, indelible ink like Staz-On.

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