Cute pin board pins

I recently received a cute pin board and I needed some equally cute pins to go with it. I decided to make my own. IMG_3745.JPG
Hot glue gun and glue
Regular thumb tacks
Buttons and or small card embellishments

IMG_3741.JPGFirst place some hot glue on the top of the drawing pin/ thumb tack

IMG_3743-0.JPGNext press the drawing pin/ thumb tack onto the back of the button or embellishment and leave to dry.
IMG_3744.JPGAnd now you are ready to push your pins into your pin board!
IMG_3745-0.JPGSuch a quick and cute craft. Enjoy!

You can add ribbon to your pin board and use button pins to hold it it place. You can even add fabric over your old stinky cork board to make it look cute again.

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