Brownies in a Jar


These are a great gift idea for Birthdays, Christmas even anniversaries. You don’t have to make brownies you can use cupcake or cookie ingredients. The best recipes are ones with lots of different coloured ingredients and not many ‘wet’ ingredients that the receiver with have to add.

The idea is simple, add all the dry ingredients into a large glass jar layering each one on top of the other. Add a tag with the instructions and hey presto you have a cute and thoughtful homemade gift. Press down each layer with the back of a spoon and add each ingredient just a little bit at a time.

The recipe below fits perfectly into a 1 litre  jar. This is not my recipe, I adapted it slightly by using mini marshmallows instead of walnuts.


For the tag I drew three 2″ circles on my PC, added a candy cane image inside each circle and then a text box. I added the wording “Chocolate Brownie Mix” to the first circle and then the extra ‘wet’ ingredients list on the next one and finally the cooking time on the last.

After printing I used my 2″ circle punch to cut out the three sections of the tag, scored a line across the top of each circle, glued the scored sections together to make a booklet and stuck the whole think to the lid.

Next I added some green crepe paper, I packed this into the jar to make sure the ingredients can’t move about and mix.

Lastly I added some ribbon and a spoon for decoration. The spoon had a ‘Hand Made’ charm added to it.

I hope you like this idea. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

IMG_1507  IMG_1503   IMG_1508

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